Questions for Dorey Houle

| 11 Oct 2022 | 10:50

    1. Why have you failed to respond to the Ballotpedia Candidate Survey so that voters can know what you actually support?

    2. Your website states that you are “focused on maintaining . . . the greenery of your home” - what is this supposed to mean? Are you asking voters to support you because you strive to keep a green lawn?

    3. Given that inflation is an international problem resulting from both supply and demand issues and the easy availability of cash given years of necessary COVID relief efforts, can you elaborate on what you think the NYS Senate - with your participation - can do to effect change?

    4. How do you propose to “improve school resources and access to social workers”- items that come with a monetary cost - while simultaneously “lowering [the] out of control cost of living?”

    5. You claim to be an “experienced town board member” of Monroe. However, you are not listed as a town trustee on the Monroe board’s website. When exactly were you a member of the board and for how many terms did you serve?

    Before I and my husband can consider you a serious candidate, we will require your answers to these inquiries.

    Thank you for your time.

    Michael Perna