Here’s Your Online Ticket to a New York Cannabis Certificate

21 Sep 2017 | 11:41

With less than a thousand licensed New York medical cannabis doctors available for qualifying patients, becoming a legal patient in the state is rather difficult. It’s only gotten slightly easier with the recent release of a list of a small portion of the total licensed doctors in New York.

That’s why NuggMD has expanded its telehealth services to help people get their hands on a New York medical marijuana card quicker than ever. This California-based telemedicine company also offers the lowest price in New York to get a medical marijuana evaluation and card. If you’re searching for a quick and legal way to start enjoying medical cannabis, NuggMD is here for you.

NuggMD — A Simple, Quick Way to Get Your NY Cannabis Certificate

With medical marijuana becoming legal in New York under the Compassionate Care Act, New Yorkers have been legally able to enjoy medical marijuana (buying recreational marijuana likely won’t happen for another few years) to treat their medical conditions since 2014. With the recent addition of Chronic Pain to the list of approved medical conditions, more people can join the cannabis community. NuggMD is here to help all New Yorkers access their cannabis medicine.

NuggMD offers a quick and cheap service to help you get your hands on a medical marijuana easier than ever by completing your 420 evaluations online (they even offer telemedicine services in states like Missouri and Oklahoma). Without ever leaving your home, you can be evaluated and certified by a licensed medical doctor for medical marijuana. NuggMD only requires the following:

• A mobile device with a mic, camera, and access to internet

• New York Identification

• Additional documents about medical conditions

NuggMD operates efficiently in order to expedite the average time wasted at an onsite consultation. Not only that, but NuggMD offers the cheapest price of all of New York. With NuggMD, you can be evaluated and certified by a licensed physician all in under 30 minutes.

Get Started Today

Don’t bother searching online for “marijuana evaluations near me” to find one of the few licensed medical physicians qualified to evaluate you for a medical marijuana certificate. Through NuggMD’s simple, efficient, and cheap service, you can skip through all that hassle and get your medical marijuana card today. Plus, they have plans to expand their medical marijuana delivery marketplace to the Empire State as well.