‘You might want to think twice about re-electing the incumbents’

| 11 Oct 2021 | 12:19

    As the last chairman of the Woodbury Parks Commission I wish to share some information concerning the current Town Board candidates and our parks.

    Tom Burke is running for Town Supervisor. At his interview for the Parks Commission and as a former iron worker, he promised to construct a steel cage under the pool pavilion to prevent continued vandalism.

    It was never done.

    When Mr. Burke found out that I was involved in carrying a petition for a permissive referendum concerning the pool bond (which gave you, the taxpayer, a voice), he responded with a violent cursing outburst at a public Parks meeting.

    The current Town candidates have fallen over each other in how they respond to the public with regard to the multi-million dollar pool.

    No borings were needed, they said.

    Yet, they were.

    They did not listen to the Commission’s alternatives to repairing the old pool, nor did they listen to qualified Woodbury residents who offered advice on how to repair pools.

    The Town Board disbanded the Parks Commission and established a Parks Committee.

    My guess is that it was because we gave too much advice.

    You might want to think twice about re-electing the incumbents.

    Fred Ungerer

    Highland Mills