You can trust Debbie Behringer ‘with your home, your community and your pocketbook’

08 Sep 2020 | 08:40

    I’m writing this letter in support of Debbie Behringer’s re-election to the position of the Village of Monroe’s Trustee.

    I have known Debbie for close to 40 years. All of those years have been spent living in Monroe.

    She grew up in a family much like mine. Her family of seven was a staple here in our community. They were all involved in church, school and town activities.

    Debbie, like me, loved Monroe so much that there was no other choice when it came to where she would make her home in which to raise her family.

    You don’t have to spend much time with Debbie to hear her talk about how proud she is to live here. Even before she became a trustee in the village, there was not a community event that you wouldn’t find Debbie, her husband and her four kids attending. From food truck festivals, concerts, craft fairs and carnivals, she makes sure that the Behringer family is there to support and enjoy.

    She creates and participates in fund raisers for her church, her children’s schools and all their sports and dance teams. If you need a ride, a volunteer or a donation, Debbie is the first to commit and she always shows up for you.

    All this is in addition to being a teacher and raising four amazingly kind and incredible kids.

    Debbie loves her hometown so much, when she heard that things were being run in a direction that she felt was harmful, she didn’t just talk the talk. She became a founding member of the grassroots organization, United Monroe. In that capacity, she sat through countless rallies and meetings, enacted plans to make changes to how things were being done.

    This ignited in her a passion and prompted her to run for village trustee in 2016. Since then, she has been able to keep up the momentum for creating change while helping Monroe maintain its hometown charm and appeal.

    As a member of the community, I have particularly loved seeing the changes being made in our downtown epicenter and I know Debbie had a hand in that.

    Personally, I can’t think of a more giving and committed person to have as a friend, a neighbor or your Village Trustee. You can trust her with your home, your community and your pocketbook.

    Vote for Debbie Behringer.

    Sincerely ,

    Suzanne Adler