Words matter

20 Jun 2019 | 07:01

    While I agree there should be reform in the state annexation laws, I want to respectfully urge all my fellow citizens who are supporting this legislation to refrain from language that could easily encourage hatred for our neighbors.
    Using rhetoric like “prevent hostile efforts to incorporate new villages” and “would once again fall prey to the bloc vote” could easily stir up anti-Semitic feelings in our community.
    By “hostile efforts,” is “Together Hudson Valley” referring to citizens of Kiryas Joel exercising their rights which are currently enumerated in New York State Law?
    And while I may not agree with the cultural approach to voting within the community of Kiryas Joel, a “bloc vote” is what leaders of all special interest groups dream they could deliver to their friends in high political office.
    Anti-Semitism is on the rise worldwide. Please let us all do our small part here in the Hudson Valley to instill in our children respect and dignity for all our fellow human beings, even those folks whom we disagree with politically.
    Tom Lapolla