Why I’m voting for Steve Brescia

21 Oct 2020 | 01:17

    Thanks to single party rule, Albany has abandoned the number one function of government – to keep its citizens safe. Senator James Skoufis didn’t even put up a fight for his constituents when presented with the disastrous bail reform law. He just voted “yes.”

    Now Orange County law enforcement is facing nearly threefold re-arrest rates due to the elimination of cash bail. The danger to our communities is exacerbated due to hours of paperwork that leave police in the station house when they effect catch-and-release arrests.

    Who does this hurt the most?

    Law-abiding working people and families. Especially those in our local cities who desperately need police on patrol to deter violent crime.

    Enough. I am voting for Steve Brescia for State Senate in the 39th district on November 3rd, and I am asking you to do the same.

    Steve will fight – for us – to overturn this horrendous law which takes police off the streets and leaves us vulnerable to dangerous felons.

    John Allegro