What’s not mention in school district budget information flyer

| 31 May 2020 | 01:37

    Dear Neighbors,

    Like you, I received the usual Monroe-Woodbury School District budget information flyer ahead of the upcoming vote.

    I am disappointed that it looks and reads the same as always, even though we’re finishing up a school year unlike any other in recent history.

    Where is the mention of how last year’s spending was impacted by the shift to online instruction?

    Where is mention of savings in transportation costs due to an interrupted school year requiring no bussing?

    Where is mention of savings due to facility closure?

    Were new expenses required by the need to go online, equipment purchase, teacher training?

    There is no reference to the COVID-19 crisis and its impact on our students and school system except for the need to vote by mail on a new date.

    No mention of either challenges or the successes in the shift to at-home instruction.

    There are no forecasts regarding what the new year may bring. Surely continued school at home will result in very different costs than returning to school as usual?

    It appears either our school board has not done their homework or it assumes that we will just vote yes because it supports the students.

    I want to know before I vote on the new, as always, higher budget.

    Susan Bouachri

    Highland Mills