'We need John Scherne back in office for another four years'

20 Jun 2019 | 07:01

    I have had the pleasure of knowing John Scherne for over 35 years. We have worked together within the Mombasha Fire Department and Monroe Joint Fire District for a few decades.
    John has always been a tremendous asset to the Monroe community. He joined the Mombasha Fire Company after his military service in the Army and from day one has consistently gone above and beyond in his duties.
    I know he approaches his responsibilities as Highway Superintendent in the same manner. John’s no-nonsense style, commitment to the community and strong work ethic make him the perfect fit for Highway Superintendent of Monroe.
    With no hidden agenda, he works incredibly hard to get the job done.
    John comes from a hard-working family who pride themselves on respect and integrity while understanding the importance of serving the Monroe community they have grown up in. He worked his way up the ladder in the Mombasha Fire Department and presently serves as Chief of the District.
    John’s first term in office as Highway Superintendent entailed challenges, tough weather conditions and budgetary issues, each of which he handled in an exemplary manner with a successful end result.
    John’s passion for the job has resulted not only in earning the respect of his department, but an increase in morale as well.
    John maintains outstanding working relationships with surrounding municipalities as well, which is key to the overall success of any community.
    He understands what professionalism means and strives to deliver nothing short of the highest level of service when it comes to our town roads and the safety of our residents.
    I am proud to call John a friend and I wholeheartedly can say that he is the best candidate for Highway Superintendent. I urge you to please understand the importance of getting out to vote on June 25 in the Republican Primary.
    Vote for John Scherne. We need John back in office for another four years.
    Thank you kindly
    Tom Sullivan