'We are so grateful for your support'

27 Apr 2020 | 12:17

    Thank you to all our volunteers and community for helping us feed the 625+ individuals in need.

    There are volunteers who are constantly placing themselves in harm's way as they go about collecting boxes for distribution, pick up food, sort, pack and deliver food to those in need, clean and fuel the vehicles all while wearing personal protective equipment, maintaining social distance and working in shifts.

    This has been a huge undertaking.

    We are so grateful for your support.

    There have been some local businesses and churches I would like to express our gratitude to:

    Lake Region Tire and Auto for repairing our Mobile Food Pantry Bus, replacing the breaks and forgiving our debt, so we can use the money from the repairs for the food.

    SOHO Hair Salon for collecting cleaning supplies.

    West Point Home for donating masks.

    K&D Pizza for donating pizza for clients in need.

    Pizzerama for bringing food to our volunteers.

    For Anne Schiller and Joann Vella's Girl Scouts for treats for our volunteers and clients.

    Journey Church for donating money to help pay for UHauls.

    Monroe Presbyterian Church for donating money to help pay for food.

    St. Anastasia's for hams and turkeys.

    Volunteers and for all of you who are donating to enable us to feed 625 people per week through our online giving at sacredheartchurch.org Outreach/Make a Donation page. Checks can be made out and sent to Sacred Heart Parish Outreach, 26 Still Road, Monroe, NY 10950.

    With sincere appreciation,

    Betsy Johnston

    Director, Sacred Heart Parish Outreach