Voting for Sutz, Fries-Ciriello and Rafferty 'will assure the community will be served well'

27 Sep 2019 | 11:55

    I highly recommend the entire team of David Sutz for town of Woodbury supervisor, Susan Fries Ciriello Councilwoman and Patrick Rafferty Councilman.

    My interaction with David Sutz has led me to witness first hand his response to the needs of the community regardless of political affiliation. He and his wife Maria came to my home twice to assist my elderly mother when my family and I were unable to do so.

    They, by their knowledge, ability and compassion, indicated to us that they are truly caring for the citizens of the community, and without hesitation go the extra mile to assist them.

    Mr. Sutz has served the community well as an EMT for Woodbury Community Ambulance, Woodbury Community Association, village trustee, franchise owner for many years hiring the youth and elderly of the community.

    He has also implemented million dollar budgets.

    When receiving my property tax bill with an incorrect address, I was unable to communicate and convince anyone of this error. It was not acknowledged until David Sutz and James Skoufis intervened and rectified that I really was correct about my address and now I receive my property tax bill with the correct address.

    His running mate Susan Fries-Ciriello is very involved with the youth of the community in a number of capacities, and is certified in accounting and management.

    Patrick Rafferty is also involved in the community with his affiliations with the Lions Club, Community Association, Knights of Columbus and former youth soccer club.

    Voting for this team will assure the community will be served well.

    Faye Canfield

    Highland Mills