Vincent Lasalle announces his candidacy for Monroe Town Board

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30 Sep 2019 | 12:01

    A pledge to the voters of the Town of Monroe:

    My name is Vince LaSalle and I am running for the town board in November.

    I am currently and have been a resident of this town for 36 years.

    I am a senior citizen running with no experience in politics but believe I am suffiently aware of some of the most pressing issues confronting our town.

    I pledge support for growth in Monroe - but do not support multi-level professional and apartment buildings that affect the rural atmosphere of our community.

    I pledge to fully support the YMCA of Monroe in their efforts to gain a safer access road to their expanded building when their swimming pool is completed.

    I will advocate for cat and dog lovers to have access to a town animal shelter.

    I will advocate for mandated recycling of all businesses.

    I will advocate for the Monroe Free Library to expand their building with adequate parking.

    I will not participate in any block voting, regardless of party affiliation, and make independent decisions based on the issues that are best for the community.

    I will never abstain from any issues nor give myself a raise.

    I will be fair and honest to the best of my character. I will make no deals behind any closed doors.

    If I make a mistake, I will admit my error and correct it.

    Finally, I do not engage in any form of social media, i.e. Facebook, etc., and prefer communication face to face, in the open, so that an honest and straight forward discussion of the issues can occur.

    Vincent Lasalle