11 Sep 2020 | 02:42

    I have been in education for 50 years and love to work with secondary and college students. I find the behavior of M-W students, who assembled without PPE protection to be foolish, risky and unacceptable.

    I well understand the need for students to feel free and invincible, but I challenge each of them to consider how they would feel if they have brought COVID home to family.

    The times are not easy; students are restless; parents are worried; schools are trying their best; elderly are confined and scared. We all have a rebellious issue, but integrity and adult behavior demand that we be respectful of others by not spreading this virus and exacerbating the pandemic.

    These young people, who want to be treated in an adult, respectful manner, have voided that possibility. I am deeply disappointed by the thoughtless behavior of these students, who are probably upstanding, young adults under normal circumstances.

    It would be nice if these students did some form of community service to diminish the effects of the possibility of spreading the pandemic.

    Toni Gazzaniga

    Highland Mills