'These are the good guys'

27 Sep 2019 | 12:59

    Town of Woodbury voters:

    Please vote for the right team this election.

    When choosing people to lead your Town in the right direction, we should look at more than political background. The type of people who sincerely care about others shows in their everyday lives. It is easy to see who does things for their own glory versus those who sincerely dedicate their time for decades to worthy organizations.

    The soul of a man/woman shows you where their heart lies; what they spend most of their time doing and their honesty that you can count on.

    Do they do things that will bring attention to themselves or are they acting out of sincere concern to help their fellow man?

    David Sutz and his team are who we should put into leadership. These are the people who we want to get into office to lead our community and help their neighbors.

    They can be trusted to ensure our tax dollars are not wasted and to help our Town develop in a positive direction.

    Please vote for David Sutz, Susan Fries-Ciriello and Patrick Rafferty for Town Supervisor and Councilwoman/Councilman.

    These are the good guys.


    Julie Dictter