There's a warm place for Linus at the M-W Transportation Department

16 Nov 2019 | 03:25

Then Monroe-Woodbury Transportation Department had a very successful blanket drive for Project Linus.

On Nov. 9, 547 blankets were taken up to the monthly Orange County chapter meeting of Project Linus so they could be delivered to children who are in need of comfort, a sense of security, warmth and love. (We surpassed last year’s total of 508.)

This national organization began in 1995 and to date has had almost 7.8 million blankets donated nationwide. The Orange County chapter began in 2001 and has donated around 44,000 blankets to children in Orange County and Pike County.

The blankets are distributed to hospitals, social service agencies, Safe Homes, '"A Friend's House," schools, Red Cross and areas where national disasters have occurred, to name a few.

Project Linus became a mission of the Monroe-Woodbury Transportation Department beginning in 2011, led every year since then by Susan Pratt, retired bus attendant.

We have been joined in that effort by the Monroe-Woodbury Education Center for the last three years, spearheaded by Tina Anastos.

This year, Veronica Kaleta at North Main put her Mindful Ambassadors to work to make blankets.

Winslow Adult Day-Hab was also involved in making blankets this year, due to the efforts of Kim Longo, a Monroe-Woodbury bus driver.

Caring about children is what Monroe-Woodbury School District is all about. Thank you to all who participated in Project Linus to bring comfort and caring to children in our community.

Diane C. LeViseur on behalf of the Monroe-Woodbury Transportation staff