'The party of No'

Jan 11 2017 | 05:08 AM

    In his letter published in The Photo News on January 6, 2017, John Allegro once again demonstrated why United Monroe is the “party of No.”
    He is asking the Monroe-Woodbury School Board to postpone a decision on altering their boundaries until after his group exhausts its legal court challenges to annexation.
    He then has the nerve to lecture the M-W School Board to not make a “rushed decision” after Monroe-Woodbury has literally spent three years studying this issue from every angle and is now facing a county-imposed deadline of March 1.
    As we committed during the Annexation SEQRA review, the Kiryas Joel School Board voted unanimously to approve the school district boundary alteration, in order to promote harmony between our communities.
    For United Monroe to once again stand in the way is only further evidence of their disdain for Kiryas Joel, even at the expense of the children of Monroe-Woodbury.
    Shame on United Monroe leadership for playing political games with the students of its own school district.
    Gedalye Szegedin
    Kiryas Joel Village Administrator