‘Steve Brescia will put the Hudson Valley first’

16 Oct 2020 | 11:20

    This year, Senator James Skoufis helped pass a budget that cut funding to schools and gave the Governor the right to take more money away as he saw fit.

    Instead of using his position to help us, he managed to take needed funding away, and let more be taken away throughout the year.

    Didn’t he promise us he would stand up to Andrew Cuomo?

    Thanks to James Skoufis, we may lose some of the programs that made Monroe-Woodbury one of the best school districts in New York. Now, we may end up with less teachers, less staff and less personal interaction between students and educators.

    Our children will suffer because our Senator voted to let the Governor take money away from our schools.

    When we needed him to fight for our schools, to fight for our students and teachers, James Skoufis went silent. That’s why I’m voting for Steve Brescia for State Senate this year. He is a leader who has worked at the local level for decades.

    I know that Steve Brescia will put the Hudson Valley first. His leadership as a County Legislator and Mayor of Montgomery show that he cares about our well-being and the future of this area.


    Laura Fernandez