School District is not doing enough

| 24 Mar 2020 | 12:05

    I have one question: Why was the Monroe-Woodbury school system not prepared for the shut down?

    My sister’s district (teacher on Long Island) had two weeks worth of home work copied and distributed to all students prior to the shut down. Each student has home work and assignments each day and submits via a photo or email to their teacher to correct.

    At the end of two weeks they plan on distributing more packets.

    They are not alone in this endeavor.

    Our school district takes days to distribute a “resource guide.” No homework, no submitting work. Nothing.

    Then take over a week for some teachers to give a list of things to do.

    So far as of today have received reading assignments from a music , gym and math teacher from my son in middle school.

    Where are the other teachers assignments?

    My youngest son has received practice work from his music teacher. The school opened up the buildings for kids to pick up their belongings.

    Why were teachers not there handing out packets of work to do? Or leaving them for pickup if they were afraid of catching the virus.

    The school system dropped the ball, everyone knew the virus was coming. Yet our system did nothing.

    But the school system will pat itself on the back, like they did with the computer disaster.

    Paying taxes for what? If the administration was in private practice they would be on the unemployed line like everyone else.

    I am tried of the school board saying for “safety reasons.” Safety has nothing to do with preparing and correcting work for our students. They will be the ones to lose out on their education.

    Apparently “Common sense is not common.”

    I don’t blame the teachers. I blame the school board. I will remember you at the the next election.

    Michael McMahon