'Resorting to isolation is not the answer in a democratic society'

03 Feb 2020 | 04:53

    A recent article discussed Mr. Skoufis's attempts to legislate the creation of new villages and towns. It is heartening to learn that he continues to fight for what many would call justice and fairness.

    The underlying deceit of the movement to create new polities is not based upon actual population needs or existing population.

    Rather, it is the result of a goal to create religious communities to the exclusion of others.

    The wanton ignoring of this issue by the state legislature and other officials flies in the face of fairness.

    Few of us believe in segregation, religious intolerance, persecution of minorities and bigotry. That line of unacceptable behavior has nothing to do with allowing a religious sect to form their own towns and villages to the exclusion of others.

    Bigotry exists but the solution is not creating “havens” for each group. Restricted entities are illegal in our nation. That paradigm just legitimizes the existence of communities, organizations, country clubs and schools which are legalized places of segregation.

    We need leaders of all our communities to look at our history and commit to solving our current issues with imagination, honesty and creativity.

    Resorting to isolation is not the answer in a democratic society. It is a recipe for disaster.

    Stephen Zecher