Patrick Rafferty announces his candidacy for the Woodbury Town Board

23 Sep 2019 | 01:07

    My name is Patrick Rafferty and I am pleased to announce my candidacy for Town of Woodbury Councilmen.

    I have lived in Woodbury for more than 20 years with my wife and three children, Erin, Kevin and Kyle. We love our town and want to continue to enjoy all that Woodbury offers.

    I served on the Harriman Planning board when we first moved to the area up until we moved to Woodbury in 2000.

    I have worked in the Commercial Print industry for more than 29 years. As a manager of a division of a multi-million dollar company, I make decisions every day to be more efficient and save money but still offer my clients a great product.

    I think we can do the same thing with local government; you, the taxpayer, being the client.

    I strongly believe in community service and giving back to the community. I volunteer my time to a few of our wonderful local charities in town including the Woodbury Lions Club, the Woodbury Community Association and the Knights of Columbus at St. Patrick's Church in Highland Mills of which I have been a long time member.

    Woodbury has many challenges ahead and we need to work together as a community. My main goals as a councilman would be to:

    ● Improve relations between the Town and Village of Woodbury.

    ● I will work with my fellow board members to find ways to reduce costs and consolidate services.

    ● Work as a board with the village to have a unified approach to the challenges we face as a community.

    ● Promote local small husiness in town, oncluding ways to bring in new business as well as supporting the ones already here.

    ● And last but not least, listen to the taxpayers. Provide open and transparent government.

    I humbly ask for your vote for me, Patrick Rafferty, as Town Councilman and my running mates, David Sutz for Town Supervisor and Susan Fries-Ciriello for councilwoman on Tuesday, Nov. 5, 2019.

    Thank you,

    Patrick Rafferty

    Highland Mills