Mayor: 'The Village Board has done the right and sensible thing for the Village of Harriman residents'

24 Dec 2019 | 11:12

    Although I normally do not respond to letters to the editor, I am responding to Mr. Linderman’s letter of Dec. 20, 2019, as he named me directly.

    I am sorry that you are “certainly confused” regarding the clearly marked road patterns surrounding the Village of Harriman. My guess is that you are upset that you were caught violating the law.

    The Village of Harriman Board of Trustees has addressed quality of life issues by limiting the traffic which can enter the Harriman Farms, Brookside Drive and Melody Lane residential developments.

    Several years ago, in response to overdevelopment and lack of enough roads to handle the increased traffic, the Village of Harriman in consultation with the Towns of Monroe and Woodbury restricted access in this area to Village streets.

    The Village of Harriman does not have the obligation or responsibility of taking the overflow traffic from either town or any other community and directing it into residential neighborhoods.

    As for a policeman being “stationed” by Bailey Farm Road, at times an officer will be there to monitor traffic and violators. The Village of Harriman Police will also monitor STOP sign compliance and speed limits on roads within the Village. This is their job.

    As far as doing the “right and sensible thing,” the Village Board has done the right and sensible thing for the Village of Harriman residents. We have prevented their neighborhoods from being inundated with additional traffic from surrounding areas which would degrade their quality of life.

    As always please feel free to contact me at Village Hall to answer any other questions you have.

    Stephen H. Welle

    Mayor, Village of Harriman