‘Imagine if we could all love,’ a poem

| 09 Feb 2021 | 07:55

    Imagine if we could all love.

    Holding hands in peace, in the bonds of humanity.

    No need for the sun for we have each other’s warmth.

    Real love, not greed, not fake, not scripted in some Hollywood film.

    But true compassion, affection, and emotion.

    A world without hatred, borders, and separation.

    Will humanity ever reach this destination?

    All too worried about “me me me,”

    forgetting there is a “we.”

    Imagine if we could all love.

    Nourishing, flourishing and dancing with the Earth,

    All one body, one mind, and one soul.

    But the world has such heartache, a bleeding hole.

    Can we fix this infinite amount of pain and sorrow?

    Or are we forever roaming the seas like Jack Sparrow?

    A pure image of the white dove.

    Imagine if we could all love.

    At this time we will ring the chimes,

    The chimes that ring with rejoice from the winds of unity.

    No bloodshed, terror and disease.

    Please we are begging on our knees.

    I ache to be with my brothers and sisters at ease.

    A world filled with love is the dream,

    A dream that will come down as an angelic sun beam.

    A place where we all roam freely, with the tender grass at our feet.

    Hearing the music of the world, a giggle, a laugh, a chirp and a tweet.

    Alia Mahmood-Ul-Haq

    The writer is a tenth-grader at the Chester Academy