‘If you are in need, definitely reach out to Assemblyman Colin Schmitt’

12 Jun 2020 | 02:23

    Like many others I have been unemployed due to COVID-19 executive orders to restrict “non-essential” businesses.

    Here, I was unemployed by executive order and I was not able to register for unemployment benefits on NY Department of Labor systems.

    What a dilemma!

    I was going nowhere. I tried to register online several times a day, every day, week after week. I even considered driving to Albany for in-person help.

    I was dead in the water before contacting Assemblyman Colin Schmitt and his office for assistance.

    Assemblyman Schmitt and his staff worked diligently to solve my unemployment registration issues.

    I am happy to report that I am now receiving the unemployment benefits to which I am entitled.

    It is scary to lose your means of income by executive order, then face an intractable bureaucracy in Albany and massive online system failure.

    Thank you, Assemblyman Colin Schmitt, for making that possible.

    If you are in need, definitely reach out to him.

    Best regards,

    Joe Palau

    Blooming Grove