'If we forget our history, we are bound to repeat it'

08 Dec 2019 | 05:26

I’m sad.


A word not taught in our schools anymore, I suspect.

It is a word that President Franklin D. Roosevelt scribbled in, blotting out the words his speech writer had written.

FDR was telling America about the attack at Pearl Harbor which put us into the Second World War.

Saturday, Dec. 7th, was the 78th anniversary. Only the attack of 9-11 consumed more American lives than the 2,335 sailors, Marines, soldiers and civilians killed that day.

Our American flag flies at half-staff in their memory.

Except the leaders and managers of the following establishments and organizations found it not necessary to honor them with Old Glory at half-staff in the Monroe-Woodbury area: Smith's Clove Park, the State Polic on Monroe, M-W Middle School, M-W High School, Central Valley Elementary School, Mary Harriman Park, Harriman Village Police, U.S. Post Office in Harriman, Saint Anastasia Church, American Legion Post #1573, Veterans of Foreign Wars Post #8858, Harriman Memorial near BJs, Monroe Cemetery, Sterling National Bank, Monroe Volunteer Ambulance, Crystal Run, Jake’s Wayback Burgers, TD Bank and the Trout Brook Fire Department.

I’m sad. But I’m thankful to those few who did honor them. If we forget our history, we are bound to repeat it.

Jack C. Collins

Master Sergeant, U.S. Army (Retired)