'If they can't build it, they won't come'

19 Jul 2019 | 12:46

    Political Hopium, it’s a substance that Monroe’s civic leaders keep pushing.
    Some people call it grandstanding or pandering but here in our town we’ve endured overdose after overdose of false hopes and lost legal battles.
    Still carrying the United Monroe banner, Mr. Allegro in his last letter was once again peddling Hopium.
    Passing the buck onto the N.Y.S. Legislature our future relies on political posturing that isn't going to help but it gives the appearance that our civic minded leaders are working hard for us, to save us all.
    The first idea in Mr. Allegro's letter was to re-write the village creation laws of N.Y.S.
    Albany doesn’t want to deal with it.
    Albany isn't going to deal with it.
    Case closed.
    The other idea was to impose a new land preservation tax on New Yorkers that are already over taxed.
    As opposed to utilizing N.Y.’s default of taxation to solve any and all problems, why doesn’t Mr. Allegro and the other local politicos simply apply the tried and true method of creating and maintaining effective local and county zoning laws that are environmentally sound?
    I know, it sounds so boring. Local land conservation laws don't make headlines, they won’t start lawsuits or get everyone fired up.
    The bottom line to the argument: If they can't build it, they won't come.
    Sadly those of us that don't take the Hopium and have been right about United Monroe’s development mess too many times are still thought to be insane by those who remain politically intoxicated.
    Russ Ferdico