‘Having a dog in the family’

| 06 Mar 2021 | 02:42

    I’ve had dogs my entire life, I emphatically agree with Chris Tucker of Monroe about picking up after our dogs.

    When we fail to pick up after our dogs we are giving all dog owners a bad reputation and creating an inhospitable, gross walking area.

    Having a dog is a source of much joy, but it comes with great responsibility. In addition to always being prepared when we walk them, they should not use our neighbor’s property to do their business. If it does accidentally happen, please be humble, apologetic and quickly go pick up the mess.

    By the way, this should never happen because it means your beloved dog is running free, which is dangerous for both the dog and anyone who may come in contact with it.

    I love my dogs and, as their owner, I am responsible for them and their behavior. It’s very easy to carry multiple bags on walks and if there’s no receptacle to throw the waste in it’s not a big deal to just carry the bag home and put it in your own trash.

    It all comes with having a dog in the family!

    Thanks so much.

    Jennifer Drower