Colin Schmitt works ‘for us during our greatest time of need’

21 Jun 2020 | 02:58

    Our community has a dedicated leader in Assemblyman Colin Schmitt.

    Colin has been a positive force for us during the coronavirus crisis, especially small businesses in need.

    I have had the pleasure of talking to Colin Schmitt and his staff and have nothing but respect for for all they are doing for our community and small businesses.

    Colin sets an amazing example for how our politicians should treat the hardworking people in any community.

    Many small businesses have been so negatively impacted by all that is going on. Assemblyman Schmitt has been there fighting the fight for us.

    At all levels of government and all programs and call for assistance he has been there. Working for more financial assistance, helping cut the red tape and working to get us back open.

    I sure am grateful and I know many others are to have Assemblyman Colin Schmitt working for us during our greatest time of need.


    Barbara Korn

    MAK III Plumbing & Heating, LLC

    Slate Hill