Colin Schmitt owes us an explanation

| 19 Feb 2020 | 06:59

    A few days ago I was scrolling through Facebook and saw Assemblyman Schmitt’s 2019 District Report where he bragged about being the “leading voice in the Assembly” for making the Property Tax Cap permanent.

    And last year, I remember getting a state-funded mail card that talked about the same thing.

    My family will be significantly impacted by this tax cap, so I was happy that this passed and looked online to see how other politicians in our area voted.

    While looking into this, I was shocked to find that even though he’s been taking credit for passing a permanent tax cap, Colin Schmitt actually voted against it.

    Sadly, it looks like Assemblyman Schmitt is behaving just like a typical politician, misleading all of us about being the “leading voice in the Assembly” for making the tax cap permanent even while he voted against it.

    Not only that, but he then sent out a mail card (using taxpayer dollars), as if he had voted for it.

    I demand an immediate explanation from Colin Schmitt as to why he is telling his constituents an outright lie.

    Ingrid Mazzola

    New Windsor