Charge that Together Hudson Valley is stirring up anti-Semitic feelings 'is totally unfounded'

27 Jun 2019 | 07:58

    Two weeks ago, we submitted a letter in The Photo News commending State Senator James Skoufis for putting forth legislation that would prevent the incorporation of new villages for the sole purpose of replacing our current zoning requirement of one single family home per acre - to zoning that allows for high density housing.
    A response was published accusing Together Hudson Valley of stirring up anti-Semitic feelings in our community-which, we feel, is totally unfounded.
    Together Hudson Valley does not tolerate any sort of bigotry regardless of race, religion or sexual orientation.
    Together Hudson Valley was formed by a group of citizens who are deeply concerned about environmental issues in the Hudson Valley. We are dedicated to supporting candidates who advocate for land conservation and will stand up to special interest groups.
    We are all aware of the discord created by the attempt to annex 507 acres out of the Town of Monroe in recent years. We felt then, as we do now, that new villages should not be created for the sole purpose of changing zoning requirements.
    It is no secret that the Ultra-Orthodox community is presently seeking to expand by incorporating new villages. Our local town government, along with grassroots activist groups, has been working hard to ensure that all growth moving forward is to be determined by the need for our community to maintain its rural-residential qualities, safe roads and ensure adequate water supply and sewer capacity.
    These common sense measures are paramount, and should be the foremost consideration when considering any plans to further develop land.
    Our opposition to high density housing boils down to the reasons aforementioned.
    I personally chose to live here in Monroe for the past 59 years, raised my family here, and hopefully one day, will enjoy spending time with my grandchildren here.
    I love our beautiful Town of Monroe.
    Susan Pendergast
    Together Hudson Valley