Bruce Chichester and Sandy Daly seek re-election in Harriman, support Carol Schneider’s for election as well

| 07 Mar 2021 | 03:10

    Sandy Daly and I are Trustees on the Village Board in Harriman. We are proud that over these years, working with the Mayor and fellow Trustees, we have provided services to Harriman residents without exceeding the NYS tax cap; thus ensuring services without large tax increases.

    We worked with Orange County to finish and open the Heritage Trail in Harriman. Now we continue to work for a corrective parking lot.

    When Businesses have come before our Board, we have been protective of the remaining open space in our village, keeping the zoning as it was approved.

    Along with our fellow Harriman Board members, Sandy and I support local drives, such as School Supplies, Gloves and Hats and the current Canned Food. These drives help local residents in our community.

    Sandy is a 20+ years Harriman resident who served on the Harriman ZBA and five year member on the Harriman Village Board. She is an animal lover. Sandy volunteered for ‘Turn the Town Teal’, putting up teal colored ribbons for the National Campaign to Promote Awareness of Ovarian Cancer.

    Bruce is a 40+ years Harriman resident has served as a Trustee, Deputy Mayor, and Mayor on the Harriman Village Board. My experience and historic perspective adds to Village Board discussions. Married to Sharon, with 3 grown sons and 5 grandchildren, over the years I have been involved with Little League, Soccer, Pop Werner Football, and other community functions.

    We are honored to serve our residents on the Harriman Village Board.

    Sandy and I are running for re-election, and we support Carol Schneider for election on:

    Tuesday March 16, 2021 - Harriman Village Election

    The three of us would greatly appreciate your vote!

    Thank you,

    Bruce Chichester

    Sandy Daly