Assemblyman Colin Schmitt ‘does his job’

Goshen /
16 Oct 2020 | 11:41

    This time of year we are hearing a lot of reasons why we should vote and candidates are providing long lists of reasons to vote a certain way.

    I would like to simplify it. I support Assemblyman Colin Schmitt because he helped me and he has helped others who sought his assistance. He answers the phone. He answers email messages. He gets results for people that need help. He does his job.

    I know that is rare to hear and that is why we need to keep Colin Schmitt working for us.

    I am not from the same party as the Assemblyman but I support him. I urge all to do the same thing. If you are ever in need, he will be there for you like he was there for me.


    Jennifer Martinez Soto