As anti-Trumpers, we are in fact pro-American

15 Jul 2020 | 12:31

    To the Editor:

    In response to George Daggett’s letter requesting anti-Trump writers to respond, it’s my pleasure to do so.

    As anti-Trumpers, we are in fact pro-American. Why?

    Because we believe in the great promise of America and will never -- never -- support a man who is supported by the KKK, says he fell “in love” with a North Korean dictator, grants clemency to his rich and corrupt friends despite their serious crimes, supports a military murderer even though that murderer’s colleagues in battle disavowed him and his killing of innocent people, created a national pandemic by ignoring science and telling Americans to “go to work”in March, brags about his history of sexual abuse, said in a TV interview he wanted to have sex with his daughter, separated innocent children from their parents and put them in cages at the Mexican border, called white supremacists “some good people,” gutted the EPA in favor of unregulated big business’s greed and is now telling parents to send their kids back to school in the midst of the pandemic.

    If that’s your idea of America and the American flag, keep it, George.

    Just know we’ll do everything to eradicate the corruption and disease known as Donald Trump.

    Will Voelkel

    Milford, Pa.