Lightning strikes

27 Jun 2019 | 07:57

    At the North Rockland Father’s Day Cup, MW Lightning Boys 2007 went undefeated and outscored their opponents 9-1.
    In a total team effort, Lightning’s offense was lead by Marcin Kluz, Gavin Brophy, Melvin Hernandez, Siddhi Ranganathan, Tom Milem, Lucas Beers and Ryan Dove.
    The defense, which recorded two shutouts, was led by goalkeepers Nate Johnston and Jack Kehnle, and the aggressive play of Pravin Jegan, Gio DeGiglio, Lucas Ortiz, Tyler Landusky and Marco Wasto.
    TCB at its finest.
    The Lightning Coaching Staff would like to say thank you to the Lightning parents for a great season and sharing the “best kids” you could ask for ... period.