Archer Amanda Krocian rocks 12th Rock

18 Aug 2019 | 01:44

Amanda Krocian of Monroe won first place at this year’s 12th Rock Archery Open in Middletown.

The 13-year-old was the only female shooter in the adult division as she went on to defeat her male counterparts with an overall score of 310, the only archer to shoot over 300 for the day.

Amanda is an S3DA archery champion and was challenged by her instructor, Nick Nobel of B&B Archery, to enter the adult division of competitors that are 21 and older.

“These guys were shooting before I was born," Amanda said. "It was an honor to be out there with them but it was a bit intimidating at first. They were all very supportive and smiled when they got beat by a girl.”

Amanda is an entering freshmen at Monroe-Woodbury High School. She is currently preparing for a state-wide archery tournament in Saratoga this fall.