What’s happening locally: Grand Mango Restaurant

23 Apr 2020 | 11:49

What do you want the community to know about how the COVD-19 outbreak has affected your business?

Grand Mango Restaurant, Central Valley

Nadine Barham, owner

“First let me say that I consider myself lucky and fortunate in these tragic times. Operating a restaurant is very challenging and much more so with COVID-19. Grand Mango, like most other restaurants, is trying to survive.

“The majority of my lunch customers are from Woodbury Commons, and with the outlet closed the restaurant is facing some financial hardships. In order to stay afloat and curtail the spread of the virus we have made some changes which includes:

· Closing on Sundays to clean and disinfect;

· Curbside pickup and delivery;

· Providing hand sanitizer for customers;

· Keep the door open all day so the customers don't have to touch the knob; and

· Clean counter and credit card machine with bleach solution after each customer

“Regardless of how impacted we are, we were honored to be able to donate lunch to the emergency room staff at Orange Regional Medical Center.”

Compiled by Nancy Kriz