‘This is what community is about’

Central Valley. Assemblyman honors the owner of Falkirk Estate, the mayor of the Village of Woodbury and the business manager of Local Carpenters Union for their efforts in delivering hots meals to senior citizens and others during the peak of the pandemic.

22 Sep 2020 | 01:27

Assemblyman Colin J. Schmitt has presented formal State Assembly honors to Woodbury Mayor Timothy Egan, Wayne Corts, owner of Falkirk Estate and Country Club and Matt Ross, representative of Local Carpenters Union 279, for their partnership with the assemblyman’s office to bring hundreds of hot meal deliveries for seniors and vulnerable populations at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Schmitt partnered with Falkirk, Mayor Egan and the Carpenters Union back in April to start a contactless hot meal delivery to seniors and vulnerable populations twice a week every week for more than two months. The Falkirk Estate and Country Club prepared the meals at no charge while Carpenters Local 279 committed a significant number of volunteers, even from other local unions, to help deliver these meals.

The residents who were receiving the hot meals were given the opportunity to continue hot meal delivery through the Orange County Office of the Aging once the Falkirk program expired.

“Without hesitation Wayne Corts of Falkirk Estates stepped up to offer hot meals at no charge,” Schmitt said. “Mayor Egan and Local 279 met the need for distribution and logistical assistance from my office of Falkirk’s generous offer without hesitation. Over the course of nearly two months we provided thousands of delicious and nutritious hot meals to our seniors and vulnerable families for free. This is what community is about.”

“I want to thank Assemblyman Schmitt for this recognition but also for this partnership that helped our seniors and vulnerable populations in Woodbury and across the county,” Egan said. “Week after week it was my pleasure to assist in this effort.”

“We at Falkirk have always strived to give back to the community in a positive way and I can’t think of any better way than through providing to those in need,” Corts said. “Chef Abel (Molina) did an excellent job coordinating and preparing hundreds of meals each week and we are very proud of his hard work and dedication. Falkirk Estates and Country Club appreciate this special recognition.”

“Local Carpenters Union 279 is committed to helping our local community and those in need,” added Ross, the business manager of Local 279. “I’d also like to thank Laborers 17 for supporting this program by providing us with volunteers to help with meal deliveries throughout the program. Our wish is that everyone stays healthy and we will overcome this difficult time with unified efforts like this.”

If anybody is still in need of assistance, they can reach out directly to Assemblyman Colin Schmitt’s office at 845-469-6929 or schmittc@nyassembly.gov to sign up for meal deliveries through the county.