‘Re-opening will test our strength and resilience’

Monroe. How has the COVID-19 outbreak affected your business?

Monroe /
02 Jun 2020 | 11:21

Kathy Aherne, Captain’s Table on Route 17M in Monroe

“Aside from the obvious economic devastation the COVID-19 pandemic has brought on all small businesses, we also are facing challenges of social distancing and disconnect from our friends, families, customers and staff.

“We are supposed to welcome, serve and entertain all guests and suddenly we were denied that right. We had/have to face challenges of restrictions and uncertainty. We are faced with an extreme reduction of sales/profits and remain committed to our employees (financially and emotionally).

“We have had to adjust our hours of operation and added a delivery option in hopes we would get the ‘calls’ for lunch or dinner to help keep our doors open.

“We have 200 empty seats. Celebrations have been cancelled with an outside dining area waiting/ begging for music, laughter and the sight of children playing in the sand.

“We see the fear of the unknown and questions if we will be able to recover. Our re-opening will test our strength and resilience and more importantly our customers’ acceptance of a new modus operandi.

“As we faced these unforeseeable challenges we were also blessed with the continued support from our community. The calls, emails, texts and social posts remind us why we do this. We couldn’t be more proud to serve Monroe and Orange County and look forward to the day we open our doors to your smiling faces (masked, of course).”

- Compiled by Nancy Kriz