OCCA celebrates hope

Monroe. The Orange County Chinese Association continued hosted a virtual event called “Today New Vaccine, Tomorrow New World to Celebrate the Hope of Our Community Life” on Nov. 11.

16 Nov 2020 | 02:51

The Orange County Chinese Association (OCCA) continued their Virtual One World You & Me series with their latest addition of “Today New Vaccine, Tomorrow New World” on Wednesday, Nov. 11.

The OCCA has been hosting a variety of virtual events since the onset of the pandemic to maintain a strong sense of community that COVID-19 has hindered.

“Today New Vaccine, Tomorrow New World” celebrates the new hope for our community that we hope emerges alongside the new vaccine from pharmaceutical corporation Pfizer. Emily Wang, an OCCA Youth and Monroe-Woodbury High School senior, hosted the virtual event via Zoom with guidance from Dr. Kangjian Wu.

The night’s agenda consisted of exciting topics surrounding COVID-19 and the new vaccine.

Qian He, former OCCS principal and current OCCS academic affair Director, talked about the “Impact of the Pandemic on our community”.

Next up, some scientific heroes lead a Personal Journey: Show and Tell segment. Local community and Pfizer members Zhenghui Li, Nancy Song, Linda Xu, and York Wang have been working on the frontlines to deliver the vaccine. Dr. Wei Chen, an OCCA Chinese School teacher and local volunteer, talk about the “COVID-19 Vaccine: Development & Beyond”.

President of the OCCA, Dr. Kangjian Wu, followed up with an inspiring and heartwarming presentation of the upcoming “ Hope of our OCCA community: Cultural Diversity & Life Enhancements” that we hope can be found through this new vaccine.