News in brief

| 22 Jun 2020 | 11:20

    Monroe. Town Board reschedules July 20 meeting to July 13

    The Monroe Town Board has cancelled its meeting July 20 and rescheduled it to Monday, July 13 at 7 p.m.

    The meeting will be held at the Town Hall located at 1465 Orange Turnpike.

    Town Clerk Mary Ellen F. Beams advised residents who are planning to attend the meeting that they will be required to wear a mask in town hall.

    Tuxedo Park. Village Board approves the construction of a traffic security booth at the main gate

    The Tuxedo Park Village Board has unanimously approved the construction of the traffic security booth at the main gate.

    “I want to thank the trustees for working on the passage of the booth over the last year,” Mayor David McFadden said in an email detailing the board’s action. “I have asked the Board to consider a system to open the gate automatically for tagged cars using a system similar to E-ZPass.

    “Under this system,police officers can spend more time on non-tagged vehicles and tagged vehicles that choose to stop,” the mayor added. “We will also consider allowing regular vendors to enter the South Gate to alleviate traffic congestion coming in the front gate each weekday morning at 8 a.m.”

    McFadden also said the board approved portions of a road safety package put together by the Police Chief, DPW Supervisor, Code Enforcement Officer and himself that includes funds “for expressly limited signage to be available to the chief to use on a targeted basis.

    “Besides, we are seeking information on changing the speed limit on certain roads and intend to strictly enforce the current speed limit,” he added. “These are demanding times with the Park at full capacity and we take your safety very seriously. Both pedestrians and drivers must also take responsibility to reduce the risk of an accident.”

    Monroe. Sacred Heart Parish Outreach seeks assistance

    These past couple of weeks have been rough vehicles used by the Sacred Heart Parish Outreach programs

    A deer hit the Mobile Food Pantry (the volunteers were unharmed) and the second-hand box truck died while packed with furniture en route to a delivery.

    The program needs a need a box truck that can handle around 10,000 pounds of food and then be used it for the St. Mother Teresa Furniture program.

    Betsy Johnston, the director of Parish Outreach, asks that anyone who has a connection to a dealer or a place where they auction vehicles and can help the program get a good deal to email her at parishoutreach@sacredh or call 914 805-0051.

    Highland Mills. Skoufis plans socially distant fund raiser

    State Sen. James Skoufis will host a socially distant fund raiser on Thursday, July 9, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at Palaia Winery, 10 Sweet Clover Road, Highland Mills.

    RSVP by emailing