Monroe. Town of Monroe in discussions with Orange County to host a vaccination site

| 08 Jan 2021 | 12:47

The Town of Monroe is in discussions with Orange County to host a vaccination site, according to Monroe Town Supervisor Tony Cardone.

“These challenging times continue to test our faith and resilience,” Cardone said in a message to residents. “We thank you for your patience and positive thoughts as we work toward our common goal of better days ahead for all of us.”

The message continues:

“In recent days, the Town has fielded many phone calls regarding the availability of the COVID-19 vaccine and whether the Town of Monroe will have a local site for the distribution of the vaccine once it becomes available to our senior citizen population as well as the general public.

“While the vaccine rollout is underway in Orange County, as you are most likely aware, the rollout is following a phased approach as per New York State and Federal Guidelines.

“New York State is currently in Phase 1A of the distribution plan with the group of eligible individuals most recently expanded this week. More information regarding eligibility according to phase can be found at

“The Town of Monroe has been in discussions with Orange County leaders and we have expressed our willingness and desire to be a vaccination host site in the coming months as the vaccine eligibility shifts to our senior citizens and eventually, the general public.

“As with most information surrounding COVID-19, this is a fluid situation. We are awaiting distribution guidance from Orange County pending direction from New York State.

“We will continue to advocate for our residents and community members and will share updated information as it becomes available.”

To check your eligibility to receive the COVID-19 Vaccine, visit

From the governor
Gov. Andrew Cuomo issued the following update on the availability of vaccinations:
Starting on Monday (Jan. 11), New York State will begin scheduling vaccinations for “Phase 1b” groups—the next category of people eligible for the vaccine.
This group includes:
People aged 75 and up;
Education workers (pre-K through 12 teachers and education workers, licensed and registered child care providers, and school-bus drivers);
First responders (local police, State Police, Sheriff’s Office employees, professional and volunteer firefighters);
EMS workers (including professional and volunteer paramedics and EMTs);
Public transit workers (airline and airport employees, passenger railroad employees, subway and mass transit employees, ferry employees, Port Authority employees, and public bus drivers); and
Public safety workers.
About 3.2 million additional New Yorkers will now be eligible.
“There will be many more sites where New Yorkers can get vaccinated as we enter Phase 1b,” the governor said. “While we all want to vaccinate even more New Yorkers, we must also keep things in perspective. We have a real supply problem with regards to the vaccine. Without increased supply from the federal government, we expect it will take 14 weeks to vaccinate the Phase 1a and 1b groups, which takes us to ... April 16.
“We are in communication with the incoming Biden administration on the issue of supply, which must increase, but it is critical that all New Yorkers continue to wear a mask, social distance and exercise caution.”