Hazy, hot and humid

19 Jul 2019 | 12:45

    First Due Weather from the Compound, the hyperlocal Facebook weather page, said the area’s heat index will be 100 degrees or higher this weekend.
    In fact, FDW updated its prognostication on Wednesday evening, saying temperatures could feel like 115 degrees on Saturday and 125 degrees on Sunday, which are extremely dangerous numbers.
    “The ‘3 H rule’ is in effect,” FDW wrote. “Hazy, hot and humid. Relative ‘humidities’ will range from 55 percent to nearly 80 percent during the day and even higher at night. It rains when the relative humidity is at 100 percent. Dew points in the 70s and temperatures in the 90s will make it feel warmer than 100 degrees and at times even more than 110 degrees through Monday.”
    Keep the faith. “Frosty” weather is on the horizon.
    FDW wrote next Tuesday and Wednesday look to be clear and dry and much more comfortable with highs in the 80s.
    We won’t know for sure until those days near, and as always FDW reminds us to “keep watching.”
    - Nancy Kriz