Harriman. Skoufis Secures Metro-North Commitment to void parking fines at Harriman for health care workers

| 25 Sep 2020 | 12:47

    Senator James Skoufis (D-Hudson Valley) says that he secured a commitment from Metro-North, NJTRANSIT and LAZ, the operator of the parking facility at the Harriman train station, that they will work with Skoufis’ office to address any parking fines health care workers have received for parking overnight at the Harriman parking facility.

    If any essential health care workers received a past parking fine, they will be voided by LAZ.

    Skoufis and his office received a constituent complaint from an essential worker who received a citation for parking overnight at the Harriman train station.

    At the time, the buses were shut down and this constituent was a nurse who worked in New York City; her only option was to take the train, yet, each week, she would return to the parking lot after her overnight shift with citations on her car warning her about potential fines.

    Skoufis wrote to Metro-North and NJTRANSIT presidents requesting that past parking fines be voided for any essential worker who simply had no other option than to park overnight at Harriman.

    “This nurse was putting her life at risk every time she went into work to help save others - the last things she needed were senseless parking tickets that cost money and cause stress,” Skoufis said. “I encourage any essential workers who experienced something similar to reach out to my office.”

    Skoufis’ office can be reached by phone at 845-567-1270 or email skoufis@nysenate.gov.