Central Valley. M-W Transportation names its three buses of the month

| 09 Mar 2020 | 04:34

The Monroe-Woodbury Transportation Department's Bus of the Month Program recognizes drivers, attendants and students as part of the district's nationally acclaimed safety program.

The three buses singled out for January 2020 include:

Bus 464 to Sapphire Elementary

Driver Maria Ahmad wrote: “The children on the bus are well-behaved. They always use their inside voices and they follow all the school bus safety rules. They always keep the aisle clear and they move over to let someone else sit down in their row. If there’s a problem, they always tell me, and they act respectfully. I am very happy to drive this group of children!”

Bus 520 to Smith Clove Elementary

Driver Vinny Linarello wrote: “The children on the bus are respectful to me and the others on the bus. If they have a question or they need my attention, they raise their hand or call me ‘Mr. Vinny.' My riders put their seat belts on as soon as they get on the bus and, when we arrive at school, they line up in the aisle and wait for me to say it’s OK for them to go. They are great kids!”

Bus 590 to Central Valley Elementary

Driver Donna Nemeth wrote: “The children on the bus are well-behaved. They wear their seat belts, and make sure the people next to them are wearing theirs, too. The crossers always look at me, waiting for their crossing signal, and they always stand in a line while waiting and entering the bus. My students are very respectful toward each other, and I enjoy driving these students!”