A note to readers

19 Mar 2020 | 02:33

    First, all of us at The Photo News hope you and your family are doing well as everyone continues to navigate this unchartered COVID-19 territory.

    Like many of you. our staff is working remotely and we’re doing our best (like you are) to have some semblance of normalcy.

    We hear stories of acts of kindness, of revamping business operations and even revitalized family time.

    Looking for exercise? The South Orange Family YMCA is offering virtual workouts on its Facebook page. Check it out.

    Other businesses are looking to be equally innovative. Terpsichore the Dancerschool is offering ballet barre classes via Instagram.

    Tell us what your business or organization is creatively doing to stay in touch with your students, customers and key stakeholders. We’ll tell our readers.

    Looking for takeout, to get a break from meal preparation? Support your local businesses, they need you more than ever. We have what we’re sure is a partial list in this week’s edition. If business is doing this, be sure to tell us.

    What’s going on in your world? We’re asking you to connect with us at a time when connections are so very important. There’s many people in our readership area who are juggling things they’ve never needed to...until now. We want to share your stories and experiences. Your voice is important and matter. Are you:

    Now working remotely from home? Tell us your successes and challenges with that.

    A teacher who has developed skill maintenance work so when your kids come back to your classroom they haven’t forgotten the prior months’ instruction?

    A student realizing the importance of time management and the need “to keeping your head in the game” to stay current with your studies?

    Seniors at college or high school wondering about commencement or next steps with your academic careers?

    A small business facing the reality of the new requirements for operating?

    Someone who may have just been furloughed?

    A senior citizen with no community center to visit?

    A parent grappling with the new reality of daycare?

    A volunteer just waiting for a task to do to help make a difference?

    This list is far from complete, and maybe only a start. Email us at: editor.pn@strausnews.com. We’ll reach out to you for a quick discussion. Maybe your story will help others to realize they’re not alone.

    - Bob Quinn