2020 in headlines from The Photo News

Looking back at 2020, our editorial team sifted through a tumultuous year of stories. Here’s our year in headlines, including the editor’s favorites you may have missed, and some of our most-read pieces from 2020.

30 Dec 2020 | 09:17

    As New Yorkers head north, real estate booms in Orange County.

    2. ‘This is my community, too’

    Sabrina Jennings’ first-hand account about racism in her hometown of Warwick, N.Y. spurred countless letters to the editor.

    In an era of ever-more polarized politics, these couples have found ways to live with their differences.

    4. Meet the people at the front of the front lines

    Often overlooked EMS workers, many of whom are unpaid and juggling full-time jobs, just want to help the community.

    To avoid crowded grocery stores, locals flock to small farms to get their food.

    6. ‘No-win situations’: Parents stress over learning options

    After receiving hybrid learning options at the eleventh hour, local parents struggle to decide whether to send their children back to school, continue remote learning at home, or some combination of the two.

    7. Doctors and nurses feel alone and angry as they gear up for the next wave

    Between public apathy and a stressed medical system, medical workers are left shouldering the burden of Covid-19 as cases reach new highs.

    8. The ‘new normal’ for shop local

    Business owners said that had it not been for the Monroe and Woodbury Relief Market, they would have been unable to pay their mortgage, rent, put food on the table or keep their business.

    9. Pandemic’s silver lining: a fitter lifestyle

    Some gained “the quarantine 15,” then shed “the Covid-19.

    10. Keep the momentum going

    Organizers of Monroe’s Black Lives Matter protest meet with Monroe-Woodbury School District to advance an agenda of change.