Monroe. Jalisco Mexican Restaurant slated to open April 5

Monroe /
| 12 Mar 2021 | 02:31

Residents of Monroe should prepare themselves for a new flavor in town.

The owners of Mexicanzingo have announced the opening of their new restaurant called Jalisco, located at 30 Carpenter Place.

Carlos Morales and Luis Barajas are the owners of Jalisco. They opened Mexicanzingo in Greenwood Lake in 2016 and serve Mexican dishes every day using only fresh, quality ingredients.

Carlos and Luis love the new location and are excited to build and open their second restaurant in downtown Monroe. With a family legacy of traditional Mexican cooking, they bring not only their large and delightful variety of Mexican fare, but their inviting personalities as well.

The restaurant’s name, Jalisco, originates from the western Mexican state. Jalisco, with it’s capital city Guadalajara, is known for its mariachi music and tequila.

Unlike Mexicanzingo, Jalisco Restaurant will soon include their first full bar, which will serve up a refreshing assortment of Mexican cocktails and quality cervezas.

Stepping into Jalisco is a colorful, happy experience. The restaurant and bar area are decorated with authentic colors and images of Mexico.

Without COVID-19 restrictions, the main dining rooms allow sixty patrons.

During COVID, all appropriate precautions with table distance, and number of patrons will be enforced. Take-out plays a big part of Mexicanzingo, and will also be available at Jalisco.

Additional patio dining will eventually be built outside.

The fondest memories are made when gathered around a table! Carlos and Luis are passionate about the new location and are excited to open Jalisco (formerly Gino’s Pizzeria building), slated to open April 5th. Nothing brings people together like good food.

The partners are working on creating a great ambience so you can come and enjoy with your family and friends, some of the best authentic Mexican food in the area.