Thank you, Assemblyman Colin Schmitt, for working to keep us safe

21 Feb 2020 | 01:42

    Assemblyman Colin Schmitt has been outspoken in opposing the new criminal justice reform laws that let criminals go without bail and hinders the law enforcement community from effectively doing their jobs.

    The rights and consequences (lack thereof) of people doing illegal acts seems to have taken precedence over the safety of our community, especially law abiding citizens and the work of our protectors.

    We have seen countless headlines with tragedies already occurring just days into these new rules. Individuals and families are feeling the pain of the new laws.

    From the beginning, Assemblyman Schmitt has been on the side of safety and protecting us. It is nice to know our 99th District Assemblyman truly has our back. God bless you Assemblyman Colin Schmitt.

    Susan Bauman