Assemblyman Colin Schmitt does the necessary work to understand the issues

26 Aug 2019 | 04:15

    There are a lot of nervous officials out there because of Assemblyman Colin Schmitt.

    Our area has not seen the type of dedication and enthusiasm from a legislator since Ben Gilman and the public is taking notice.

    Schmitt is everywhere. It is hard to find an event, gathering, meeting or issue that Colin is not involved in. Each day he is assisting our district and offering a helping hand to any resident in need of it.

    Recently I closely followed his journey to our nation's Southern Border.

    While many are willing to offer comments and take actions on immigration in our area and state, I have seen no one else personally travel to the crisis zone and research what is actually going on at our borders.

    I have seen no one else do the work necessary to see how Albany's actions on immigration actually impacts our area and state.

    With Albany passing bills providing for drivers licenses, college tuition and proposing voting rights, health care coverage, jury privileges and more for illegal immigrants, it is time for more legislators to be like Schmitt and do their research and their job.

    Keep up the great work Assemblyman Schmitt.

    Kleo Tripodianos

    Campbell Hall