Happy 2020! Party hardy!

04 Jan 2020 | 03:17

"Par" belongs on the sign for Party City, located on Bailey Farm Road in Monroe.

Those in the know this week included a great many:

Joe Amass of Monroe.

Bruce Chichester of Harriman.

Butch D’Ambrosio of Monroe.

Lucy Eljuga-Cirjak of Monroe.

Karen Gagliardi of Monroe.

Bruce Gomes of Monroe.

Abbie Gonzalez of Monroe.

Mike Guillen of Blooming Grove.

Liam and Mollie Hawthorne of Monroe.

Nafisa Manapat of Monroe.

Jack Messinger of Highland Mills.

Cathy Rogers of Monroe.

Delilah Rugg of Central Valley.

Maggie Santangelo of Highland Mills.

Susan Specthrie of Slate Hill.

Julia Yustein of Monroe.

Adam Yustein of Monroe.