A restaurant, but where?

| 10 Feb 2020 | 10:47

This is the sign for Marina's Restaurant in Harriman.

Those in the know this week include:

Nino Amorosi of Monroe.

Jennifer Angel of Monroe.

Annie Czarnecki of Monroe.

Butch D’Ambrosio of Monroe.

Tom Dorsey of Monroe.

Lucy Eljuga-Cirjak of Monroe.

Bruce Gomes of Monroe.

Lexie Hawkes of Harriman, who offered this review: "Our favorite pizza."

Liam and Mollie Hawthorne of Monroe.

Nafisa Manapat of Monroe.

Nicole Rivera of Port Jervis

Kathy Van Etten of Monroe, who also offered a review: "Best pizza in town."

Spencer and Cooper Washburn of Monroe.

Adam Yustein of Monroe.

Buon appetito.