Escape the stress of Covid

Mental health. Create an escape for yourself and your children during these extraordinarily stressful times by finding new hobbies, developing life skills, and playing outside.

| 09 Sep 2020 | 03:48

Learning and working from home can be stressful for everyone in the household during COVID-19. It is important to allow your family to escape the events going on in the world and have fun with one another.

As school progresses, homework may become overwhelming and stressful for your students. Remember that you control their hours while they are home. It is okay to give your children a little more time to sleep in or enjoy a longer lunch break. While school is important, the mental state of your children is just as important.

Take advantage of the internet

The internet offers an extensive amount of data and information. Find what your child’s interest or hobbies are and explore online resources that will allow them to work on those hobbies.

Websites such as YouTube have many how-to-do videos. You can find various videos about gardening, building items, learning instruments, cooking, and more. Screen time is important, but there also are many fun learning websites, documentaries, and movies that can teach your child important life lessons.

Some websites contain downloadable PDFs on topics and hobbies your child might want to pursue. Supporting your child’s hobbies and helping them explore their options is important.

Chase passion projects

One of the advantages of being home is that your children may have more time to chase passion projects. These include skills or hobbies they may have wanted to get into but haven’t had the time for because of school and extracurricular activities.

YouTube offers videos that demonstrate how to learn and practice these hobbies. If your child is struggling to find an escape from school, encourage them to begin a passion project that can be their greatest asset during these difficult times.

Teach life skills

This is also a good time to learn or sharpen life skills that will help your child down the road, like cleaning, cooking, doing laundry, and learning how to use hand tools. Help your child find a hobby or activity that will prepare them for success.

Life will go on eventually, and taking advantage time spent at home now will help them later. Life skills build character and a sense of responsibility. Make sure your children understand they’re not doing chores. They are building a foundation for their future.

Play outside

Being outside and playing are vital to children’s mental and physical health. Make sure your children get an appropriate amount of exercise each day. The Centers for Disease Control recommends that your child gets about 60 minutes or more of physical activity a day.

Exercise is even more critical now that we are spending more time inside due to COVID-19. Activities such as walking, engaging in active games, and playing with the dogs can all be effective. Taking your kids to places where they can be active, like public parks, community baseball fields or basketball courts, are all good ways to get your children moving.